Change Month: Clean Water for Haiti

We all have a lot of pocket change laying around, right? Maybe not as much as we used to, since debit cards are pretty convenient in our lives. But we all need those quarters and dimes in our cars for tolls or some loose change in our desk for that midday cold beverage at work.

During the month of May, the Table and East Dallas Christian Church is being challenged to make some change with our change. We have plastic jugs loosely scattered over our campus and are collecting whatever you have in the depths of your pockets to go to provide clean drinking water for work teams and refugee camps in Haiti. The organization we are working with is International Action. They are fairly young non-profit but are doing some amazing work at an amazing pace.

Before the earthquakes in January, International Action was already on the ground, working to setup local and sustainable water systems. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, and their water system reflected that. International Action brought in very affordable chlorination systems, worked to make the maintenance of the machines and distribution of chlorine tablets a small business opportunity, mapped the locations of their water systems, and even began to provide “de-worming” pills to children who got sick drinking local water.

The video below shows their work to get clean water distributed efficiently and quickly to thousands after the earthquake:

In this season of resurrection, we know Christ invites us to transform our lives and the world. By sharing something as simple as pocket change, our brothers and sisters in Haiti are offered a helping hand, and our lives are changed by blessing others with the gifts we have. See you Sunday – bring your change for change month!

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