Tornadoes in DFW!

With Holy Week pub and lots of regular activities unfolding, I had already planned to have a busy day yesterday. That all suddenly changed with a line of storms that spit rain, hail, wind, and swirling, whirling vortexes of doom. Seriously, what a crazy day! Holy Week pub went on but with a smaller crowd than anticipated. I am so glad that everyone is safe, but we continue to listen carefully for families, friends, and neighbors affected by the weather and how we might help.

Week of Compassion updated us with their efforts on Facebook:

Multiple tornados struck the Dallas-Fort Worth are this afternoon, striking several communities. Early accounts report wide-spread damage in The Dallas suburb of Arlington.

In the midst of the damage and immediate confusion, Week of Compassion is already responding. We are currently collecting information in partnership with regional and local congregational leadership to assess needs and respond quickly and efficiently. If you would like to contribute to this response, please reach out with Courageous Compassion by clicking here (LINK:

I hope you take a moment to pitch in your support for their efforts. I know there are Red Cross drives going on in our community as well. The Table will look for opportunities to do more than just pray for those affected – stay tuned!

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