My Creation Prayer for Tomorrow

Yes, I sometimes like to write fancy words.

God of Eternity,

From the depths of the universe,
with swirling maelstroms of light and matter,
to the smallest butterfly, delicate and breathtaking,
you prove to be an Artist.
You reach out with strong hands,
shaping our hearts and renewing our spirits.
Your breath sweeps across the face of Creation,
pushing flowers up in the cracks of our concrete structures.
Though we often abuse the gift of this Earth,
you somehow refresh it,
nurturing life in open seas once smothered with oil,
painting shafts of green in blackened forests,
and nourishing dry lands with quenching rain.
Forgive us, O Creator,
for not always participating in that renewal.
Forgive us for dismissing the proud trees in our neighborhoods,
the shimmering sun dancing across White Rock Lake,
and the vibrant bluebonnets that serve as a playground to human and creature.
Help us understand that Your way is a way of healing and abundance.
Open our eyes to see resurrection as something not just for humankind,
but for all of the earth that groans in anticipation of Your fulfillment.
Guide us as stewards of this Creation
and help us taste, in our own lives, the deep wells of life-giving waters
that bring renewal, balance, and rest.
We pray in the name of our God, Ruler of the Cosmos,
and Friend to All,


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