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Details for Tonight’s Special Pub Night

The Theology of Willie Nelson pub night

I’m excited about our big conversation tonight with Dr. Bob Shelton.

Here are a few details about the event in case anyone has last minute questions.

  • The event starts at 7:30 pm in the band room at Bryan Street Tavern. As you enter, head to the back of the space and to the right, past the pool tables. You’ll find us and the delicious pizza.
  • Parking can be plentiful or hard to come by – there will be a Rangers game going on, so there may be a crowd watching that. If you can’t find parking in front of the Tavern, you can park in the lot behind or along the street.
  • The pizza is free, and we’ll have plenty of it (and all variations). Any other drinks are on you.
  • There will be time for some questions, so if you have something to share, don’t hesitate.
  • If you want to drop off your child for childcare, get to the church after 7:00 pm. Go to the back parking lot to the main green awning. We’ll have two nursery workers that night and lots of toys. If your child crashes early, you can even put them in their pajamas if you want. Our nursery workers will have you sign in and leave a cellphone number, in case of any issue. You can pick up your kids at anytime. The nursery will be open till 9:30 pm.

I can’t wait to see you all tonight! You can still RSVP on Facebook if you want.

47 Percent Seminarians

A great quick read from our friends and neighbors at the Bonhoeffer House featured on the Huffington Post.

Brandon Lazarus, seminarian at Perkins, responds to Romney’s comments from the recent leaked video about the 47 percent of Americans who receive some form of assistance from the government (including something like student loans).

“We invite the community into our home to eat and pray because we want to be close not just our own friends in the house but also our neighbors. Once you get to know someone more intimately, you get to think of them as a brother or sister and their needs become your needs,” Lazarus said.

“To say that people are entitled to food, I would agree. My Christian beliefs tell me that we should care for those who are hungry, without shelter, those who are in prison”

I give kudos to the Bonhoeffer house for extending God’s table into our neighborhood in some cool ways. Their perspective always reminds me to see these issues from different sides and remember how complex our world is. Working to end hunger in our communities, to insure that children and families have ways to get nourishment, is not a partisan issue – it’s not about us and them. It’s about all of us, the way we live, the things we value, and the kinds of communities we want to live in. May we continue to pray and work and advocate for the least of these among us.

The Theology of Willie Nelson

I’m excited to announce our big pub night for this month – the Theology of Willie Nelson. Our guest is Dr. Bob Shelton, former president of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, who will be sharing stories of Willie, music, and spirituality from his time living in Austin. Bob is an awesome guy and may answer some of our questions about faith and culture.

The Theology of Willie Nelson pub night

Click the link above to RSVP on Facebook. Childcare will be provided for free at the church. There is no charge for this event.

Heads up – this will be my last pub night with our wonderful group as my family and I head off to beautiful Washington DC. So, let’s make it a good one.

Also, shout out to talented artist, Anna Bleker, for her image on the little informal flyer above.

Upcoming Small Groups

Here’s plenty of chances to connect with some other church members, use your gifts, and make some new friends.

Wholeness Group meets at 6:30 PM on Wednesday in the Disciples Room. We are still on Chapter Five of Gerald May’s “Addiction & Grace”. The conversation has been good, and it’s a nice small group of folks with diverse backgrounds. Join us!

The EDCC Bell Choir meets at the same time on Wednesday for practice in the Sanctuary. Newcomers are definitely welcome, regardless of whether or not you have ever played a bell. It’s a great group.

The Book Club is back to meeting once a month and will get together at 7:30 PM that evening in the parlor. They pick up a different book each month to enjoy, so you can drop in and find out what is coming up for next month.

And a reminder, pub ministry is off this next week for the September 11 string concert in the Sanctuary at the church. Stay tuned for more details up ahead.

It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye

Me & Joseph atop Mt. Scott in Oklahoma

Sunday was an emotional day for me – preaching about Jesus as servant and making a huge announcement -

I have accepted a call to serve as Senior Pastor at University Christian Church in Hyattsville, MD.

It’s not easy to leave a people and place that you love. I am still very passionate about the Table and about East Dallas Christian Church. It really is an amazing bunch of folks who are working hard to make a difference in our community. The mission of this congregation will continue on without me, possibly in new directions as God continues to shape and lead them.

The good news is that Rev. Douglass Anne Cartwright will be stepping up to continue to lead our worship as a community. She is also going to lend her presence, along with Bob Hearne, at our Faith in the City pub ministry. The radical invitation to join Christ at the welcome table will be shared each and every week at 629 N. Peak and around the neighborhood.

My last Sunday will be September 30. In addition to a reception on that day, there will be other opportunities throughout the week to celebrate what God has done and continues to do through our community. God is still good – God is still sending us to share the good news and bring others to join the celebration. I am grateful to have shared in this awesome work.

I’ll be sharing more reflections and hopes in the weeks to come. See you soon!


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