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Can you use me?

Willie Nelson sings in this opening track from Yesterday’s Wine:

“Can You use me?”

Dr. Bob Shelton at our pub night on Tuesday let us linger a bit in this line. It can be a haunting question, especially in this instance as it is posed to God. What’s my purpose? What’s my place? What am I here on earth to do?

I suppose it’s a question all of us must answer in some fashion or another, even if our answer is, nothing.

However, if you keep asking this question, you usually do discover an answer, something as my friend Monte once said, “you cannot NOT do”.

This question is what is calling me to leave Dallas and move back to the DC area to continue to serve and work for wholeness, hope, and love in our world. Can you use me, Lord? Yes – get up and go.

This question will continue to call others in our community who are looking to make a difference, who are seeking something more fulfilling than the 9 to 5 grind, or what have you. It will continue to challenge the Table community, the pub ministry, and East Dallas Christian Church. It will continue to shape the lives of the young and the old, the restless and courageous.

How do you answer that question? Can God use you? And if so, for what?


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