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DMergent is awesome

I have another article up on DMergent today. Please check it out.

Some of my deepest rooted religious ideas come from my childhood. I bet this is true of most of us. It’s why I’ve had experienced ministry mentors tell me that if a church has a strong children program, those kids will likely come back to church later in life because of those warm feelings brought on by cotton ball sheep, fuzzy shepherds, and tender safety. I think my mentors have partly been right – the lessons about faith that we receive from our family, neighbors, mentors, and tradition help set the stage for how many of us come to understand and realize the importance of the spiritual journey, for better and for worse.

Read more here: http://dmergent.org/2012/05/24/priesthood-of-all-believers/

Dmergent article

Dmergent posted my article today about the pub ministry and third spaces. Check it out:

If churches are serious about engaging their neighborhood in conversation, Jesus and the “third space” seems to point one way forward. Church buildings offer a lot of positives as far as a secure, comfortable space for conversation and privacy, but neighbors don’t have x-ray vision. Our community around us cannot see what we are up to. Third spaces open up windows not just for others to see the church but for the church to see others.


Faith in the City in Neighbors Go

Neighbors Go features Faith in the City pub ministry in Friday's edition of the paperI was really honored and excited to share a bit about the pub ministry and the vision behind it with Lindsey Bever from Neighbors Go recently. The article has been on the net for a bit, but it finally got printed in Friday’s edition with yours truly on the cover. I hope it perks some interest in our neighborhood at what we are doing and what we are about – a safe space to bring the tough questions of our lives and our faith. Here’s a bit from the article:

“We talk about really tough questions about faith and about culture and about our world,” he said. “I’m trying to have space where we can be critical of religion and ‘the church.’”

East Dallas Christian Church still has traditional Sunday services for its congregation, but this type of non-intimidating atmosphere, Hill said, allows people on all levels of faith to converse and question without being told to conform from their own religious traditions.

Last year, Bob Hearne, a longtime member of East Dallas Christian Church, helped Hill put together the weekly gatherings.

“I said, ‘Man, if you told me a year ago that I’d have… congregation members in a bar, I would have told you you were crazy,’ ” Hearne said.

Read more and see my face here: http://www.neighborsgo.com/stories/78830


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