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Boundaries – a Quick Review

Boundaries BookBoundaries is a book that my spiritual director happened to offer to me one day, and it has been a valuable resource in prep for this sermon series.

The key to finding a sense of balance in your life is not so much controlling what you have in your life as it is setting boundaries – saying no to some things and saying yes to others.

Dr. Townsend & Dr. Cloud put together a whole series of illustrative examples that resonate with my own life and others I know and then go on to break down and explore the many areas of our lives where our boundaries can be overrun, resulting in stress, negativity, loss of identity, and broken relationships. It’s good stuff, because they also outline steps and strategies to take back control. And they do this with a sense of compassion and understanding that it’s not easy – there is no quick solution. Often, the first step is finding a supportive community that can coach you in making small steps that can improve your workplace, family, and individual life.

It’s not a book of theory, but it is a book grounded in a ton of helpful practices that come out from the experience of those who have studied and journeyed with others who are facing these struggles in their lives.

In my own life, I have often struggled to say no – to my own detriment. I can feel guilty saying no. I can say not the wrong way. Or, I can just be afraid of losing an important relationship. However, as with any practice, the more I do it, the less those feelings arise.

And I end up coming to terms with the fact that I can’t do everything, but what I choose to do (and do well) may be the more powerful thing in the long run.

I recommend the book if you would like to go deeper as we continue in our Balance series.

- Rev. Nathan

The Perfect Job

Do you have the perfect job?

Do you want the perfect job?

We began our journey last Sunday exploring how to find a sense of balance in our lives. Beginning with our work is a pretty accessible area for most folks – we all struggle at times handling stress, relationships with co-workers, and our time.

Finding a perfect job is partly about what it is you are doing – what’s your calling? What are your gifts? Are you in the right top of job for those gifts?

The other part is that dance of juggling your responsibilities and putting up clear boundaries that you give a chance to be the best you can be.

Rev. Deborah answered the question, but there was no clear blueprint or five easy steps to the best job ever. Rather, it’s a tricky, ongoing balancing act with God as our guide. Enjoy the sermon if you didn’t get to hear and post your own thoughts in our comments section below. Where in your work life do you need balance?

“The Perfect Job” – Rev. Deborah Morgan

Finding Balance [Video]

Finding Balance

Feeling out of balance? The Table this JuneLike many of you, I struggle trying to find balance in life. Whether its work, family life, time for me, or time with God, I’m always having to make choices that reveal where my priorities are. Sometimes, it feels like I make the wrong choices. Other times, I make the right choices. It feels like I’m doing a high wire act over the Dallas skyline.

This has been especially true for me as I just sent my wife and kids off to Korea. When they are here, I can easily tune myself out when I am in their presence with tv, computer, or work issues. But now that they are gone and our apartment is so quiet, I regret tuning them out at all. I would give anything for them to be back, even with my kids’ uncanny ability to leave out toys in unlikely places so I can step on them and almost require medical attention.

In the moment of life, priorities can easily get mixed up. Yes, bringing home financial resources to provide for our family is so important, but is it important enough to risk missing out on events in their life that only come around once?

Is taking on a second job to pay off debt worth it if it means we end up working ourselves into exhaustion?

Can we find time in our lives to say “no” to our family so we can rest in quiet or have a conversation with a close friend over a cup of coffee?

If we commit to growing as followers of Jesus, how do we make spirituality a daily affair in the chaos and unpredictability of life?

These are not easy questions to answer, and yet we are all there in one way or another. Learning how to set boundaries and priorities may go a long way in determining the kind of balance we develop in our life. And it is so hard to do.

I don’t have all the answers, but I am inviting you to share in conversation with us through the month of June at the Table. We’ll be digging into these questions, looking at some great stories and passages in the Bible that challenge us, and listening to God and one another as we seek balance and wholeness. Maybe you know a friend or two who might be interested in this conversation.

Let’s practice this tightrope walk together.

See you in June!


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