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Stand by me

I’m thankful to be surrounded my a loving wife, beautiful kids, a great family, and many friends who stand by me during tough moments of my life. I know there are many in this world who do not have that support… or don’t get it from the people who are supposed to give it. Some folks do find that support in a church, but churches can abuse people too. I long for a world where everybody has that oasis, a place to be loved and connected regardless of who they are and where they were born.

The playing for change songs are great and provide this image of a common language by which all humans can communicate. We have plenty of old songs, new songs, and songs yet to be written that can help us vision and live into a world where our lamentations and dreams mingle together. A world where it don’t matter the money you have, the education you have, the mistakes you’ve made, or even the religion you follow – someone is there to stand with you.

Do you dream of that kind of world too? May we pray for it and live for it… together.


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