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Where is Faith in the City tonight?

Faith in the City is a cool pub ministry in East Dallas!

Faith in the City, our Tuesday weekly pub ministry, has been changing locations, exploring what our great neighborhood has to offer. East Dallas has a ton of tasty places – pizza joints, burger spots, barbecue, tacos, southern cuisine, and more. But I know that can all be confusing if you are coming for your first time or trying to find us after being too busy to make it for a couple of weeks. So here’s the good news – we’ll always be posting our monthly calendar up on faithinthecity.com, so you will always know where we are.

Tonight, we’ll be on Greenville at the Bottle Shop. Bob has been raving about this place near his home for a while. It looks like we can order some takeout pizza from Greenville Pizza Company while we are there, which is awesome.

And just to be clear, since I get this questions a lot too – who can come to Faith in the City? Is it just for young adults? Everyone – it’s for everyone! Yes, we are predominantly made up of young adults, and the kind of group we are serves young working professionals well. But anyone of any age is welcome to join the conversation!

If you want to discuss theology, philosophy, life, work, and culture with a bunch of cool, respectful, and humorous people, come join us.

See you tonight!

Understanding the word “stewardship”

Like a lot of faith communities, the Table takes time in October and November to refresh ourselves on the meaning of stewardship.

And it can be a really hard concept to grasp, especially if you’ve only ever learned about it in the context of giving money to support a ministry or organization.

But stewardship is more!

The psalmist in Psalm 65 (v. 9-11) speaks of God’s care for the earth.

You visit the earth
and make it abundant,
enriching it greatly
by God’s stream, full of water.
You provide people with grain
because that is what you’ve decided.
Drenching the earth’s furrows,
leveling its ridges,
you soften it with rain showers;
you bless its growth.
You crown the year
with your goodness;
your paths overflow with rich food.

At the heart of stewardship is ownership – what do we really own? Our consumeristic society teaches us that we work hard and earn something for it. We then trade or buy for things that we need to live and enjoy life. However, all of those things that we use at their most basic level were not created by us. The oil that we pull from the earth to power our plants and cars was not created by us. The wood and stone and dirt that we build our homes, livelihoods, and gardens from were not created out of thin air. Even the oxygen we breathe is a gift that comes to us out of creation itself.

And so at some level, all that we receive in our lives – every bite of food, every paycheck, every breath – depends on someone or something else moving on our behalf.

This is the underlying concept of stewardship – it’s recognizing that all we have in our lives, whether it is a lot or very little, is a gift. And if it is a gift, then how can we not share it freely with others since we ourselves received it so freely? Stewardship recognizes that we are not really owners in as much as we are caretakers of these resources. We might use them for a time but then insure that others in need and future generations will enjoy these gifts as well.

And so this season of stewardship is less about how much money you might give – it’s more about how we as a community respond to the ways God has blessed us and how we shall share those blessings with others.

Later this week, I’ll tackle a couple of other questions, like how much we give and how our giving can reshape the world.

To Perryville, Arkansas

Tomorrow after the Table service, I have the great opportunity to head out with a bunch of youth for a week of learning, working, and reflecting at the Heifer International Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas. If you haven’t heard of Heifer International before, they are the well-respected non-profit organization that allows you to give the gifts of sustainability to families all over the world – gifts like baby chickens, pigs, goats, and equipment to families who could use them for income and food. The ranch is a hands-on experience which leads youth teams in exercises that help them understand where their food comes and the disparities between different countries.

Plain and simple, it’s going to be awesome.

Throughout our trip, I am praying for that same spirit of compassion that comes from Christ to fill us and guide us to a deeper understanding of these issues. I want to hear personally and through our young people the words of Jesus from Matthew 25, “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.”

For an inside peek at what we will be experiencing, check out the Youtube video below.

Keep us in your prayers as we go to learn, grow, and love.

And if you want to stay up with how the week is progressing, follow my twitter feed – @nathanjhill.

Tales of Honduras

Meet Greg Byrne and Jules Martinez.

Both have been a part of the East Dallas Christian Church and the Table for a while. Greg makes the great coffee we enjoy on Sunday mornings. Jules has and continues to serve on several committees in the life of the church, doing great planning and support for our ministry together.

Greg and Jules just got back from Honduras on a learning/mission trip with Church of the Incarnation, our neighbors across 75. Their plan is to lead us in our own trip to share in ministry with the good people of Honduras. In fact, this Sunday, Jules will be sharing her experience as our message in the Table. It’s going to be cool.

Are you interested in mission? Would a trip to Honduras excite you? Come find out more this Sunday, 9:30 am.


Relationshipzilla is coming!

As part of our Balancing Act June series, we’re devising a few bonus events that are going to be a lot of fun and real helpful for folks.

This includes our June 17 Relationshipzilla couples checkup night. Using Prepare & Enrich’s Couple Checkup, which can be done all online, we’ll break down the assessment, do some movie trivia, give away door prizes, eat some great food, and be challenged to grow as couples. We even have child care taken care of for families with children. This event is for any couple – you don’t have to be married or planning on getting married.

Check out the flyer below.

If you want to get started, you can jump right into the Couple Checkup. Please use group code 12197-1.


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