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I am only human.

Stand by for one of the great movie montage clips of all time – Teen Wolf’s big final basketball game.

I used this in the Table on Sunday as I gave my message as a fun way to look at the disciples’ transformation from imperfect, doubting, struggling, confused, frightened humans to imperfect, doubting, struggling, confused, frightened humans who God is using to do amazing things in the world. I likened it to a montage, the classic film making technique where an unlikely hero through the course of a pop song and a number of different scenes becomes good enough or skilled enough to “win in the end” (also the name of the pop song from Teen Wolf’s clip above). To look at the disciples’ various experiences around and after the crucifixion, it’s hard to believe they are the same people that would later be at the center of that Acts 2 church community that was sharing their possessions, praying together, eating together, and being a witness of God’s kingdom on earth.

I am reminded constantly that I am in the same camp of those disciples – I am not a perfect guy.

But the point of my sermon and of scripture is that it’s not about me getting my act together – it’s about God doing something through me. Peter didn’t suddenly quit screwing up – he kept screwing up long after he had denied Jesus. And even then, God used him for something far greater than he could have ever accomplished by himself.

This is a reminder to us that our faith is not a path to perfection but maybe a path of graceful surprises.

A few odds and endseven as I got sick this week, it was fascinating to see the reaction and storm following Osama Bin Laden’s death at the hands of US Special Forces. I continue to pray for peace. Also, I highly recommend Rev. Micah James response, both prophetic and pastoral, to this world event.


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