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Finding Christ Through Art

Chapel of the Cross

While in Sedona, I was excited to go see the Chapel of the Cross, a mix of worship space and artistic architectural creation.

The Chapel has an interesting history, inspired by the Empire State Building in NYC, envisioned with the cross as the central structural component, planned as part of a city block construction in Budapest, and eventually developed in Sedona.

It looks out over the amazing landscape of Red Rock country and draws thousands of visitors every year, many of whom may not even be Christian but can easily sense the spiritual reality of that place.

The architect of the chapel shares the story of how it came into being. One of the beautiful quotes is how art might lead us to know God and Christ. I had to snap a photo of that phrase. This is an image of a God who is present to us and revealed to us in all manner of mysterious ways, including in those times when our senses are awakened.

Finding Christ through art

Finally, as you leave, the Holy Spirit, the dove, starts you on your journey, working for peace and wholeness in the world. I lament the fact that many of my brothers and sisters in faith don’t seem to get that message, but seeing the symbol and walking that path encouraged me not to give up hope. I even took a moment to tell my daughter what that dove means to us as human beings and people of faith.

Go in peace

May you, wherever you are in your journey, hear that benediction as well – go with God, go in joy and peace! Amen.

Images from Easter

Easter worship at the Table was rad today. What a gift! Lots of art, colors, and beauty. Check out some pictures below. (Credit to Don Morris Jr. for the great photography.)







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