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Winfrey Point

White Rock Lake

Among our conversation about standardized testing, debate teachers, spam (the Hawaiian steak), healthy eating, and revelation, we chatted about Winfrey Point last night.

Unofficially, a good chunk of us were in support of #SaveWinfreyPoint.

The good news is – plans have been scrapped to turn some of the fields into boring parking lots. Unfair Park covers the news here.

On a personal note, White Rock Lake is one of the reasons that my wife and I treasure our part of Dallas. We love the Dallas Arboretum too. We are members. I’m grateful that there seems to be a possibility to work all of this out where everyone wins. I’ll repeat what Rev. Dr. Ron Somers-Clark taught us in our congregational workshop about family systems theory – “the only way to get a system unstuck is to have an adventure.” I love the terminology, because it reminds me of my childhood fantasy to live out the Goonies movie. But seriously, when it seems like all options have disappeared and nothing can change, that’s the moment to really go outside of the box and let your creativity fly.

In the case of this issue around White Rock Lake, I have hope that the solution may end up being awesome to everybody.

My Favorite Holy Week Movie

There are lots of good films to watch during Holy Week that can help bring to life Jesus’ final days before the crucifixion.You can go the humorous route with Life of Brian or even the bloody approach of Passion of the Christ.

My fave is Martin Scorsese’s Last Temptation of Jesus Christ. It’s not a great movie by any means, but there is enough symbolism and imagination that make it lots of fun. I don’t care for the ending, the piece that made it controversial when it was first released. The Brooklyn accents can also be a little goofy after a while. However, when you have twists like Jesus as the only Jewish carpenter who will build crosses for the Roman authorities to use against his own people, an amazing temptation in the desert scene (perfect circle included), lots of the human side of Jesus, and the best Palm Sunday movie scene ever, you have got a movie worth watching. I dig the Peter Gabriel soundtrack too.

I don’t believe movies give us a more clear picture than the gospels, but they can help us visualize Jesus’ life in new ways, bringing dynamism to our own readings and reflections.

What are your favorite Holy Week movies?

God’s Creativity

God as Artist from Naked Pastor

As a finishing touch on our previous Sunday celebration of the arts, I had to giggle at Naked Pastor’s most recent drawing.

Sometimes, we don’t think of God as artist. Whether you are an atheist or a Christian, we tend to all agree that the universe is an amazing place. There is such wonder around every turn. In Genesis, when God sends Adam and Eve out of the garden and charges them to be fruitful and multiply, a lot of traditional theologians have emphasized the “multiply” part. Have babies! That’s what God wants!

But what about being fruitful?

One of the gifts human beings have is to create, not just life, but music, poems, paintings, organizations, movements, and so on. We can express ourselves in so many diverse ways, giving voice to the beauty and struggle we find in the world. And by sharing our creative power, we become participants in what God is creating all around us.

Why not take a moment this week and doodle something? Write something? Imagine something? Do some gardening? Rearrange your living room? Make up a story? Tell a joke to a friend?

Create as God intended us to create.


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