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Taking the High Road

Disciples.org has a nice article about our recent youth mission trip, working with a bunch of different churches and community organizations in northwest Arkansas. Here’s an excerpt:

As anyone who has participated in mission, it is the people that stick in the memory. A wonderful couple who lost their home in the Joplin tornado came to share their story with the group. Another Joplin resident shared stories of angels who showed up in the days immediately following the storm. A couple families whose playground had been repaired showed gratitude by providing popsicles and cold drinks. Removing brush from a yard brought a smile and a tear to an older woman who appreciated the help with chores her aging husband could no longer handle.

Head on over to read the full story.

I was very proud of our youth and how they represented their church. They worked hard. They did not complain. I hope we see in them a reminder for each of us to renew our call to use our hands and feet to make a difference in someone’s life.

120+ youth? Awesome!


Tomorrow – we head to Joplin! Your prayers for a day of learning and growth are welcome!

Stand By Me

Church as an institution has lost lots of its luster in our modern day and for good reason. We have been rocked by scandal, whether it is sexual predators that our institutions have attempted to cover up or ignore, messages that end up sounding hypocritical and judgmental, or missions that focus on divisiveness over compassion. The church has seemed severely out of touch, at best, or complicit, at worst, in some of the turmoil, chaos, and brokenness in our world.

Granted, the church is made up of normal people who can make poor choices, respond out of fear, or seek to protect what they preserve as sacred. In that sense, we are no different than many corporate and political leaders who also fall into the same traps. Many of our failures are played out on a public stage, sometimes by our own request.

I understand that the church is in a period of deep transformation. A lot of folks have felt excluded and hurt over the years. Some churches are beginning to address those abuses of power and theology. Some are beginning to reach out and find a way forward filled with forgiveness, healing, and hope. The question for folks of my generation and below remains – will church still have a place in our future?

I think so.

We did the version of “Stand By Me” at the Table this past Sunday. It’s a fun song, but it also speaks to one of the great blessings of church that still remains and continues to have deep potential to connect with people -


Being with people in their need, in their struggle, and in their fear.

I can personally speak to the many times when my church has stood with me, surrounded me in love, or encouraged me in times of struggle. My friends were a great help too, but when a church “stands by you”, it’s a bit different. They don’t love me because they are my friend. They love me because I am a child of God. I experienced this again recently with the passing of my grandmother, and my church family poured out care for me. I felt loved. I felt connected. I felt reassured. I felt God’s presence around.

Our world needs more of that divine presence, standing with others in the midst of pain, isolation, and fear. Standing with folks who face injustice. Standing with people who have seemingly lost everything. Standing with those are heartbroken. Standing with those without family or friend.

That’s a vision of church that will thrive for years to come. That’s part of my vision of our community called the Table here in East Dallas.

Won’t you stand by me?

Chili Cookoff Sunday!

Yes, another one of my favorite events of the year, the 3rd Annual Chili Cookoff kicks off at noon in the Community Room (where the Table worships) on Sunday. Volunteers bring a variety of homemade chili, and everybody eats. Donations go to support our children and youth ministry, including their upcoming mission projects this summer. Finally, our various committees will have booths to sign up interested members on how to get active and involved in the life of the church.

I love this event, because I love chili.

If you want to bring chili, email Peggy and let her know.

Otherwise, show up… and enjoy!

Closing out the year

Here’s a few dates and upcoming events to mark down on your calendar as we close out the year and look ahead. As a community, I am thankful for the ways we have shared God’s love with others in this past year. I look forward to more of the same in the new year. We really are a community that does our best to practice God’s hospitality – we mean it when we want to welcome others to our worship and gathering times.

Dec. 15, 5-8 PM
Tomorrow, a group of folks are helping Reconciliation Outreach organize their angel tree effort before Christmas. The toys, clothes, and other items will be wrapped by the parents of those receiving the gifts on Saturday. If you signed up, meet at Reconciliation Outreach from 5-8 PM on Thursday.

Dec. 18th, 9:30 AM
Sunday is our last Table worship of the year! Please come. We’ll close out our year with great energy and passion.¬†Wear Christmas sweaters, a Santa hat, or even festive socks! Celebrate with some great Christmas carols. Join us as we gather round the Table, 9:30 AM in the Community Room at EDCC.

Dec. 18th, 6:30 PM
Join us for our big Christmas concert, Sing We Now of Christmas, in the Sanctuary. This year’s even welcomes members of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, Cast of Bronze bell choir, and other special guests. It’s going to be a feast for your ears in this holiday season.

Dec. 24th, 5:30 PM & Dec. 25th, 11:00 AM
The church has one Christmas Eve service at 5:30 PM in the Sanctuary and one Christmas Sunday service at 11:00 AM (feel free to wear comfy clothes, like your favorite Christmas sweater).

Jan. 1st, 10:30 AM
Finally, on New Year’s Sunday, Jan. 1st, we’ll have one service again, a big festive, celebration brunch in the Great Hall, sponsored by the Table. We will need your help with this, as greeters, hosts, and participants. Not only will we eat biscuits and gravy, egg casseroles, and more, we will bless one another for the New Year!


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