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Collaboration with God?

Here’s the video I promised a few days back. I really appreciate John’s work and his leadership at the Table. I know that we will see some from fruits from this work, not just at the Table, but in some other communities. John has a tremendous vision for collaboration with God and with neighbors that might give a lot of us who belong to a church a new sense of direction in our work to make a difference in the world. I hope you enjoy some of the questions and ideas raised in our short conversation.

And note – the audio isn’t the best in the world, though I worked with it as best as I could. We’ll definitely use a different space to record our conversation next time.

If you have questions for John or me, ask away in the comments below. Does your vision of God allow room for collaboration and co-creation?

Steve Knight has a new blog


Our buddy, Steve Knight, who works on fun missional church stuff with Hope Partnership, has just launched a new blog on Patheos. He starts off on true ground floor level explaining how he defines missional:

Missional means participating with God in what God is doing in the world.

This still leaves lots of room for interpretation, right? What does it mean to “participate”? Where does God’s action begin and end? Where does our agency begin and end? What is God doing? How can we know?

It’s a good read. You might check it out. And then if you want to experiment and explore what it means to be missional, you can always check out the Table, a missional community right here in Dallas.

Hey, listening is important.


Unfair Park has a nice blog post up, recapping how the whole Winfrey Point saga started. I find it an interesting read, though of course, it’s heavily opinionated. The key point is that City Hall has its decision making process out of order. They hire consultants, come up with some plans, and then present it to the community. Why not go to the community first?

The battle over building a parking lot for the Dallas Arboretum at Winfrey Point is absolutely parallel and of a fabric with recent battles over community gardens and neighborhood farmers markets. All anybody at City Hall ever had to do was just walk out of City Hall one time, one day, just go outdoors, and they would have seen an overwhelming cultural trend in favor of safe food, community gardens and farmers markets, not to mention a reverence for open park land not sullied by concrete.

I found it fascinating because I think lots of faith communities do it like this too. We look around and find out what is popular at other churches and think – hey, we should do that too. Then, we train people, buy stuff, and setup some marketing… and never at any point actually go out in the community and see if people need it. Then we wonder why lots of folks don’t ever make it to church.

I loved a recent Think conversation that I caught a few days back. Author, Tom Kelley, talked about the process of innovation. He pointed out how the first step in good innovation, creating a product or service that would improve people’s lives, is anthropology, getting out and observing people and their processes. When you discover a problem or a need, then you begin to come up with solutions and see what you can do to make a difference in someone’s life.

I dig it.

In fact, next week, I am going to try to setup a video conversation with one of our members, John Ogren, on his missional church research project about starting new faith communities with input at the very beginning from neighbors. Stay tuned for that.

The key for the church (and City Hall… and anybody) – listen first.

Worship at the Table, summarized

I was grateful to have the chance to share about the Table community and worship gathering at a recent conference that we hosted. In preparation for my presentation, I came up with a simple one page summary of the Table and how our worship service flows. The side benefit of this work was that we’ll probably use this piece in some form to help introduce what we do during worship to first time guests.

If you haven’t checked us out yet and are curious about what it’s like at the Table, give this page a skim to get a glimpse.


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