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This Sunday

Here a few activities going on Sunday that you are invited to attend -

- New Member Fellowship – For our recent new members, please join our New Member Fellowship in the parlor at noon on Sunday. This is an informal time to eat, meet some of our church leaders, and find out more about our community. If you have questions, this is a great place to share those. We have a lot of new members recently, so please RSVP if you can come.

- Tour of the Community Center – Our East Dallas Community Center used to be an educational building for our church, but we converted it to house non-profits for low rent rates. It’s a beautiful space that now features the Housing Crisis Center, Child Abuse Prevention Center, Texas Women’s Credit Union, and others. On Sunday at noon, all members and guests are invited to get a quick tour of the space, starting by our Sanctuary. Our New Member Fellowship attendees will also be getting a quick tour. Just follow the flow of the crowd if you want to check this out.

Also, Amahl and the Night Visitors is going on throughout this week, and tickets are still available.

See you Sunday, if not before!

A Message from Christian Piatt

Christian Piatt, creator of the Banned Questions series and our special guest on September 27, sends a greetings from Pueblo, Colorado. Are you coming to our Night of Banned Questions? Whether you are a skeptic or a person of faith, bring your questions, ideas, and sense of humor for some great conversation and killer pizza at Bryan St. Tavern. More event details at faithinthecity.com. You canĀ RSVP on Facebook today.


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