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God Is Participatory

The Table worship gathering in dallas

I like to keep up with my buddy, Steve Knight, and his great blog, Missional Shift.

He wrote last week about God and a way he understands who God is:

It’s already been said many times in the missional church conversation that God is a missional God, that there is something in the very nature of God’s being that is missional, which is evidenced in Scripture by God sending Jesus Christ and God and Christ sending the Holy Spirit. And in the same way, we are sent … to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world today.

This isn’t a new topic for me. I happen to agree with this understanding of God’s actions in the world. In particular, the word “sending” has a lot of resonance for me. We close the Table worship gathering with a sending of one another for this very reason – I don’t think God wants us to keep this good news and hospitality to ourselves. In fact, the divine is already out the door, working in the lives of people we may never meet.

One of the worst things we can do in our growth as Christians is to figure out God. The more we look, seek, and seek to understand, the more God will be dynamic, empowering, and boundary-shattering. Throughout history, whenever a barrier has gone up, God has sent spirit-filled people to skirt its edges or cross it completely. Revisit the stories of the early black churches, monastic women leaders, Celtic Christianity, and the Desert Fathers and Mothers. God moves in mysterious ways, indeed.

God’s participatory nature means that even a follower who has endured for many years to know and understand the divine will still be surprised.

And that’s cool.

Steve Knight has a new blog


Our buddy, Steve Knight, who works on fun missional church stuff with Hope Partnership, has just launched a new blog on Patheos. He starts off on true ground floor level explaining how he defines missional:

Missional means participating with God in what God is doing in the world.

This still leaves lots of room for interpretation, right? What does it mean to “participate”? Where does God’s action begin and end? Where does our agency begin and end? What is God doing? How can we know?

It’s a good read. You might check it out. And then if you want to experiment and explore what it means to be missional, you can always check out the Table, a missional community right here in Dallas.

Missed our big pub night? Hear what was discussed…

Steve Knight is stoic

Phil Shepherd of the Eucatastrophe dropped me a note today to let me know the podcast was up from our Tuesday mega pub night over in Ft Worth. Steve Knight (our guest for the evening) and Phil lead conversation about the participatory church, a church whose DNA structure is changed constantly by the people who pass through and participate in it. Later on, they get into some questions about the emergent/emerging church and other things. Click the link below and enjoy. (Look for the audio link at the bottom of the post.)


108 people @ the pub

Before our big pub night, Dr. Mike Graves, preaching professor at St Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, challenged us to look at the gospel of Luke as being about one thing – “unhindered”. Don’t hinder the good news. Don’t hinder love being shared. Don’t hinder real authentic community being formed. Don’t hinder the movement of the spirit.

Hours later, nothing hindered 108 folks from gathering in the upstairs room at the Flying Saucer to talk faith, church, hope, and future.

I give special thanks to our partners, the Eucatastrophe and the Search, for co-hosting and getting the word out. I also am thankful for my friend, Steve Knight, sharing some of his story and thoughts to spur our conversation. I am especially thankful for everyone who came out, from seminary professors to new friends, wanderers to truth tellers, and all spaces in between.

Meeting in a pub for events like this is not a gimmick. All we attempt to do is create the kind of space that we have come to know by being in the presence of God. There is no judgment, but there is a lot of laughter. There are no easy answers, but there are tons of good questions. There are no hurt feelings… just acceptance. If that appeals to you, join us on one of our regular pub nights, every Tuesday, 7:30 pm. See you soon!


mega pub night!

Pub Night with Steve Knight - Feb. 7, Flying Saucer, Ft Worth, TX

I’m excited to share about our big pub night with the Search and the Euc on February 7, 8:30-10:30 PM, over in Ft Worth. We’ll hear from a friend and fellow missional church guy, Steve Knight, enjoy some great food and beverages, and have a fun time. Steve just did a whole series on Participatory church, using some of the lingo from social networking to wonder how our faith communities might change and adapt to use these kinds of ways of thinking in our worship and work. He’ll share some of that and then open up the conversation for questions and ideas from the crowd. As always, the event is going to be informal and open to people from all varieties of spirituality.

You can RSVP on Facebook today.

BTW, the Search will be hosting worship that evening as part of the Wells Lecture series, so you can head over for worship at 7 PM and then join us for the pub night at the Flying Saucer.


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