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The Latest from Youtube

Talking Revelation

The Latest from EDCC TV

Suresh, our tech leader, has been diligently getting our video up from our conversations. They have been rich, intriguing conversations. I am so thankful that we have switched from the regular sermon message to this more conversation based time. Check out this one about Jesus as Prophet with the gifted, brilliant, amazing Rev. Dr. Irie Session.

On Injustice

John Ogren directed us to check out this video as he raised the issue on how healing is broader than just being about getting rid of disease or sickness. Healing is about making right or making whole our broken world, especially those deep injustices that perpetrate harm to others. This is a controversial topic, but the talk is a powerful thing to listen and reflect on. Enjoy this from Bryan Stevenson at TED:

Latest from EDCCTV

Thanks to Suresh for his hard work on this. We continue to work out kinks here and there, so thanks for your patience!


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